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Welcome an apiary

Beekeepers are always looking for new places to establish a new apiary. This is a relatively simple way to help, as each new site allows the beekeeper to increase the number of hives. Each apiary can accommodate about twenty hives. In order to determine if a site is good for its bees, the beekeeper will ensure that different criteria are present.

Presence of honey flowers

The honeybees travels within a radius of 3 km. Even if you do not have flowers at your house, it is always possible for us to plant an apiary, because the bees travel long distances!


The more a site is in the sun, the sooner the bees begin to forage. Also, the queen will start laying earlier in the day allowing hives to be stronger!


Beekeepers almost always uses a trailer. The apiary should therefore be easily accessible.


The rent of an apiary site for the summer is paid by the beekeeper in honey. Contact us to find out more about how many kilograms are offered per year.

The bees

Yes, you will see a lot. No, they will not bother you. At about ten meters from the apiary, you can very clearly see and hear them fly. You may also notice that you are not interested about you. They only have one interest: to find honey, pollen and propolis to help the hive!


As a matter of respect for other beekeepers, we try to keep about 5 kilometers between our apiaries and those of another beekeeper. There are already many hives in Vaudreuil-Soulanges so it is possible that your request for apiary be transferred to another beekeeper if the proposed site is too close.
If you are interested, we will be pleased to discuss with you. We are currently looking for sites in the following villages / towns: Rigaud, Saint-Lazare and Hudson

Your city does not appear in the list? No problem! Contact us by email and tell us where you are located. We will be happy to refer you to a beekeeper from this region who will greatly appreciate your interest!

This page has help us find 3 new sites
1 for Ferme Les Petites Écores
2 for other beekeepers