Help the bees

For more than a decade, bee mortality has increased drastically. Until the late 1990s, an annual loss of 10% was considered viable. In Canada, the average winter loss is about 27.5% for the last seven years. Faced with this new reality, people want to help bees. But what if you do not know about beekeeping? Several techniques are listed below.

Honey flowers

Welcome an apiary at home

Sponsor a hive

Planting flowers is probably the best way to help bees. They are always looking for flowers to fill their need for nectar and pollen. When they find large varieties of flowers, they are eager to spread the word to make the most of it.

Do you want to do your part? Buy low-cost honey flowers seeds!

Beekeepers are always looking for new places to establish a new apiary. Each new apiary can contain about twenty new hives. This is a simple way to help bees!

Apiaries found with this page so far

3 for Ferme Les Petites Écores

8 for other beekeepers

Sponsoring a hive is a concept widely used around the world to provide mutual help between beekeepers and consumers. We added our personal touch.

Help us to help them.

Do you want to plant other honey flowers? Discover all the honey flowers of Quebec thanks to an old document from the Ministry of Agriculture.


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