Sponsor a hive

Sponsoring a hive is a concept widely used around the world to provide mutual help between beekeepers and consumers. We added our little touch.

Each hive sponsored will allow:

  • The beekeeper to handle an extra colony
  • To ensure the continuity of the bees by increasing the number of beehives
  • To develop a beekeeping research and development fund

You already know the concept?

For bees, it represents

For you, it represents

New hive

By defraying the expenses related to a hive, you allow the creation of a new colony and ensure their longevity.

Increase in the number of bees

It can also, if the hive allows, develop a second colony from the first to create new hives and support the development of bees in Quebec.

Your honey

Some of the honey harvested from the hive will be sent to you. You will receive the honey at the end of the beekeeping season.

Research and development

Starting in the second year, we can create a new hive from your hive, a portion of the value of the colony will be put into a fund for research and development of beekeeping in Quebec.


Cost of a hive

  • Lid: $ 25
  • Super : $ 140
  • Frames: $ 150
  • Queen excluder: $ 10
  • Bottom tray: $ 25
  • Nuc (the queen and the bees!): $ 200

Total : 550$

VIP access

With any package, access our VIP Facebook group.

This contains updates on sponsored hives as well as several bonuses.


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