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10 reasons to sponsor a hive


Sponsor a hive

You would like to help the bees and while doing your research you discovered that it is possible to sponsor a beehive? How can we sponsor a beehive or how does it help the bees? If these are questions you are asking yourself, you will find the answers to these questions in this article! 

Help the bees

Although this is only one way to help bees (in another article we offer 7 actions to help bees), by sponsoring a hive, you are helping to create a new colony of bees. The new hive in which the bees will be will be kept healthy by our beekeeper.

Help the beekeeper

By sponsoring a hive, you cover the cost of managing a colony for one year. You allow the beekeeper to do what he loves the most, which is to work with the bees and ensure that they are healthy in a healthy environment.

Increase the number of honey flowers

All sponsorship packages include honey flowers seeds. Honey flowers are flowers that offer a good amount of nectar and pollen. The availability of food for bees is therefore increased in your sector. In addition to helping bees, honey flowers attract a wide variety of pollinating insects. Are you running out of space at home to sow these flowers? Give them as a gift to a loved one or to nature! They will add to the wild vegetation and provide more diversity.

Learn more about bees

As the sponsor of a hive, you have the privilege of having access to our Private Facebook Group. In this group, you will find privileged information and updates on our farm and on the bees of course! A newsletter reserved for hive sponsors is also offered. This newsletter will allow you to learn more about bees and get updates on the hive you are sponsoring.

Privileged access to the beekeeper

You help us help the bees. So, to thank you, Eric remains available to answer your questions about bees. Whether on the farm, by email or telephone, he will be happy to answer all your questions about the fabulous world of bees.

Visit our farm

From June to September, from Friday to Sunday, visit our farm to learn more about the fabulous world of bees, demystify sea buckthorn and organic vegetable production on a small surface. Some sponsorship packages already include a visit to the farm for 4 or 8 people. Yet another way to learn more about bees and see these marvelous little insects up close, very close.

Customize the sponsored hive

With the Protect the Bees package, it is possible to give the name you want to the hive you sponsor. Subsequently, the bees will take possession of their new home.

If you select the I discover or I love bees package, personalization is unfortunately not available. Therefore, you will be grouped together and the name of the hive you sponsor will be The Bee Lovers.

Receive honey from sponsored hives

Honey is harvested twice a year, in July and September. As we use large equipment, we have to extract several hives at the same time. The honey from all sponsored hives is therefore extracted on the same day. Your honey pots are then prepared with honey from all these hives. Once November arrives, we will be able to send you honey from sponsored hives. 

Get discounts on honey

Following the request of several sponsors, it is now possible to reserve more honey from sponsored hives at a discount. We offer you a discount on the quantity ordered when you refer. In addition, for the additional honey ordered, we offer you the possibility of making a personalized label with the name of your hive.

Sponsorship certificate

We recognize that by sponsoring a hive you are helping the bees and the beekeeper. As a sign of recognition, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, we will send you a certificate attesting that you are sponsoring a beehive with us this year.


When you sponsor a hive, you allow the creation of a new colony of bees. The latter can count up to 50,000 bees at the end of summer. It's a lot! Hence the importance of the melliferous seeds that we send you when you sponsor a hive. Several advantages are also available to you such as a visit to our farm, honey from personalized hives, a certificate of sponsorship and more!

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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