10 reasons to sponsor a hive

Table of contents Sponsor a beehive You would like to help the bees and while doing your research you discovered that it is possible to sponsor a beehive? How can we sponsor a beehive or how does it help the bees? If these are questions you are asking yourself, you will find the answers to these questions in this article! […]

7 concrete actions to help bees

Frame of brood and bees in spring

Table of contents Helping bees Bees can travel up to 5 km to forage on flowers to collect some sweet nectar that will become good honey. During these long flights, the bees are subject to several dangers. Whether it is predation by birds, mammals or other insects, […]

Why buy unpasteurized and local honey?

Table of contents We are often asked what is the advantage of buying local honey versus that in supermarkets. Not that the honeys found in supermarkets are necessarily less good, but pasteurized honeys, for example, can be less interesting. Among beekeepers, we are always happy to say that it is our […]

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