Why buy unpasteurized and local honey?


We are often asked what is the advantage of buying local honey versus that in supermarkets. Not that the honeys found in supermarkets are necessarily less good, but pasteurized honeys, for example, can be less interesting. Between beekeepers, we are always happy to say that our honey is the best! And it's true that the honey from beekeepers in Quebec is the best. Curious? Here are 6 reasons to buy local, unpasteurized honey.

Obtain quality honey

By purchasing local, unpasteurized honey from a beekeeper in your area, you are ensuring that you are buying honey that has not been altered in taste and nutrients by heat. Some packers pasteurize honey primarily in order to slow down (sometimes completely stop) the crystallization of honey. This process also destroys some of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Buying unpasteurized honey from a local beekeeper is the best way to ensure its quality. At Ferme Les Petites Écores, we guarantee that our honey is unpasteurized at all times.

Get pure honey

Did you know that adulteration of honey (the act of mixing honey with another substance in order to reduce the cost of the product and thus make more profit) is a scourge very present in the world? This photo was taken during Apimondia in Montreal. Every empty space and every jar with a small white sign has been downgraded for adulteration or non-compliance with the regulations. All honeys submitted to the Best Honey competition were tested in the laboratory and 45% of these were disqualified for adulteration. This is unacceptable and completely insane. What to do? Buy honey from a local beekeeper. Are you from Vaudreuil-Soulanges? Come see us at the honey house. It will be our pleasure to show you our hives during a visit and to talk with you about beekeeping.

Invest in local agriculture

Yes, invest. Not encourage, but invest well. By buying local, you allow us to reinject money into the region and therefore boost the local economy. Every dollar spent in your community generates an additional 2,60$ in the region. You also promote job creation and contribute to creating a dynamic region. Every purchase made from a local business is actually an investment. In addition, we try to work as much as possible with local companies. For example, in the summer season, in addition to what we produce on the farm, it is possible to obtain products from local producers such as a wide variety of fruits and meat. directly on the farm

Reduce your ecological footprint

In North America, food travels on average 2600 km before arriving home. The long distances traveled therefore require the products to be packed more. It therefore happens to find over-packaged products. We try to limit the packaging as much as possible by offering you zero waste solutions for several varieties of vegetables, honey and sea buckthorn. By buying local, you reduce your ecological footprint! In addition, you can take advantage of our “refill” days to obtain a discount on the filling of your honey jars.

Support the beekeeper

By purchasing honey directly from a local beekeeper, you ensure that the environment in which the bees live is conducive to their well-being. Everything is put in place by the beekeeper to protect and maximize the strength of the hives. By buying honey directly from a beekeeper, you encourage us to continue to work with the bees and thus ensure their well-being. Beekeepers do very important work; Did you know that the life expectancy of a bee colony in the wild is about 24 months due to environment and disease?

Obtain specialty honeys

Have you ever noticed that not all honeys have the same color or the same taste? It's normal! Each flower has its own characteristics. The taste of this sweet delight is therefore different from one flower to another. Honey from apple trees, for example, is rather fruity while that from linden has a slight minty taste. Unfortunately, pasteurized honeys lose these subtleties. You have to see honey like wine: There is no such thing and they all stand out in their own way. By tasting different honeys, you will learn to love all the subtleties of this sweet nectar. Try our specialty honeys to discover a new world of flavors.

It is for all these reasons that it is strongly believed that buying local and unpasteurized honey is the best thing to do. Come see us at the farm and awaken your senses to the real taste!

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