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Our cosmetics

The idea of making soap on the farm came to us through a story of friendship and ingredients. After several years of development and lots of bubbles, we present to you our soaps and lip balms. They are made with natural, fragrance-free and synthetic-free ingredients. Our soaps are of high quality thanks to gentle and moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter and beeswax. The creamy foam of our soaps will cleanse you without drying out your skin. We have also added ingredients from our cultures such as honey, sea buckthorn and cucumber.

Cold saponification

Saponification is a so-called cold process for making soaps. It is a chemical reaction between caustic soda and natural fats. Once saponified, these two compounds turn into soap and glycerin.

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Lip balm

After working on our soaps, we also wanted to take care of our lips. Beeswax is the perfect ingredient for deep hydration! With only 4 natural ingredients, say goodbye to chapping!


Our Oatmeal and Honey soap and Sea Buckthorn soap are made for sensitive skin. While our Mint and Cucumber soap is an exfoliating and refreshing soap for hands and feet that have worked.

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