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This summer, visit our farm with family or friends and learn more about bees, sea buckthorn and organic vegetable production. Discover our different activities!

Our productions

From our farm to your table

Located in Pointe-Fortune, in western Montérégie, in the MRC of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, you will find on our farm a great diversity of productions that will satisfy your tastes. 

Our harvests find their qualities and flavors in the production process. Bees pollinate garden flowers. Chickens and pigs eat green garden waste as well as grazing insects. The gardens are fertilized with green manure, chicken and pig manure. This ecosystem and our good practices allow us to have a good balance in our productions and give us products with tasty tastes.

What could be better than a good meal of local products surrounded by people you love?


Our unpasteurized honey comes from flowers in our Vaudreuil-Soulanges region. This makes local honey unique to each season.?

Sea buckthorn

The sea buckthorn berry deserves to be discovered as much for its unique taste as for its properties. Our sea buckthorn garden is made up of several varieties that can be picked during the month of August.

Organic vegetables

We grow more than forty organic vegetables on an area of one hectare. Our living soil makes it possible to feed several families through our vegetable baskets and directly at the farm store.


Our pigs are raised on pasture, while enjoying a well-selected feed. This provides meat with exceptional tenderness and taste. Our pork is available by reservation only.


Our hens on pasture take advantage of the large spaces near the gardens to feed on grasses and insects. Towards the end of summer, we move them into our gardens to further fatten our gardens. Eggs are available at the farm shop and in vegetable baskets.


Discover, taste, have fun

Coming to visit us means learning about agriculture on a human scale, tasting the land and having a good time with friends or family. Are you embarking on the adventure?

Our values

Getting closer to the source

The soil plays a crucial role in our survival and our values are to take good care of it. By transmitting our knowledge, it allows us to give to present and future generations. All while guaranteeing quality products.


The environment is at the heart of our values, because the sustainability of our work depends on it. Soil, water and biodiversity are part of our working tools and must be well preserved.


Transmitting our knowledge and our passion through our work is a daily pleasure.


Being a small family business, our service is personalized. Making you happy is our greatest reward.


Offering an on-farm experience and quality products is our pride. We make sure that every detail and ingredient adds value to your experience.

Our recipes

"Cooking is the art of using food to create happiness"

We like to eat well. So, we decided to share some favorite recipes that are made with our products from our farm.

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6 reasons to subscribe to our baskets…

6 reasons to subscribe to our organic vegetable baskets: for better health, a stronger community and taste pleasure…

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Our items

Our articles are related to our productions, our activities on the farm, our history, our products and their interest in health or more general subjects on the farm.

The farm tour is awesome. The explanations about your organic gardens, the sea buckthorn orchard and the observation of the hives up close make this an extraordinary experience. What can we say about the culinary experience at the Cabane à miel which is simply divine to top off this magnificent evening. THANKS!!!

Frederick Perrier Visitor

Waiting time, Point of sale, Customer service, Quality Super customer service. Nice set of products. Delicious products. Thanks Eric!

Louise Marcil client

Not the first time I try your products; but this was my first time trying your sea buckthorn products. As always, your customer service was superb and your products are delicious!!

Unknown client

A family of enthusiasts! I loved my visit to the farm and the country dinner!!! Everything was well thought out and perfect! I learned a lot during the visit. Thank you for this beautiful evening!

Andrée-Anne St-Ours Visitor

First experience with baskets and we are really happy with the quality and variety, it's nice to cook according to the harvest! THANKS !

Marc Gagnon Vegetable basket customer


What our customers say

Among our values, that of offering our customers good quality service is among the most important. But see for yourself what our customers are saying!


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