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There are many ways to taste, for example, you can enjoy the beauty of a work of art, the delights of a meal or taste life. One of our missions is to revive your childhood flavours, but also to make you discover new ones. Come and awaken your senses to the real taste at our tasting counter at the farm store!

Another of our missions is to give you our knowledge of what we are passionate about: agriculture. You can come to visit the farm and learn more about the wonderful world of bees, organic agriculture intensive small area and discover the sea buckthorn.

Our productions

Discover our production of certified organic vegetables by Ecocert Canada and our sea buckthorn and honey products.

At Ferme Les Petites Écores, we have always given ourselves the mission of transmitting our knowledge of agriculture. To get there, what better than to invite you to our farm to discover the agricultural life?

Since 2017, we offer agrotourism tours. By visiting our farm, you will discover bee production, sea buckthorn and vegetable production on a small surface. During your visit, take the opportunity to say hello to our pigs!


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between the consumer and the farmer. By buying baskets in the spring for the season, the consumer can support early season expenses, such as purchasing seeds, heating the greenhouse and various materials. In return, the farmer undertakes to deliver a basket of fresh vegetables each week to the specified delivery point.

ASC is a way for you to eat fresh, organic and local produce while supporting your farmer.

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